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Army Considers Lifting Beard Ban

by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Producer and Beard Advocate

Does the name Naval Admiral Elmo Zumwalt ring a bell? If you were part of the Bearded Navy or other branches whose divisions allowed facial hair, you served during the mid-70s through the early 1980s. He was the point man for whiskering the Navy. It just so happens that was the same time Hasbro went pro-Beard on GI Joe's Adventure Heroes.










The Army Times reported earlier this month of progress being made to whisker up US Army personnel. They have had a minor dalliance with facial hair, and about the only members officially allowed to have a beard did so under religious observance. They were of the Sikh faith.

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A member of the US Army Special Forces. Photo: CNN Staff of PelsPels, one of three barber shops owned and operated by Dapper Barbershop, Oslo, Norway. Click the photo above for more images

BA: as seen on the Internet is a quality shop for the needs of male grooming; what were the first years of operating a barbershop like in Oslo?

AD: I started in my student dorm primarily as a hobby. During the first years I learned a lot about e-commerce and focused on building up customer base and providing the best possible service. Word of mouth recommendations were crucial during that time, since I didn’t really have any money for marketing. The selection was very small at first, but I re-invested all the earnings into expanding with more products. After some years both the number of customers and products had increased quite a lot.

BA: When did you notice growing to the point of needing to change your business and expand?

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Audio Podcast:
Whiskers in the Halls of Justice

Our beard-wearing professional this month has a lot to do with the law, but to say Justice Ben Brady is that one-dimensional would be discrediting. He is much more than his profession on the bench. Serving the citizens of Caldwell County, Texas is quite an honor. But what does a Judge do without a Gavel? Career aside, Ben is talented, neighborly, and approachable. For someone of his stature having whiskers, this sets Brady apart from many others. Join us in this month's edition of Radio Beardsley.



Meaning of the Beard


Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist who developed a treatment for mental illness known as psychoanalysis, was born in 1856. Through a study of dreams, he derived a theory of human consciousness that divided the mind into three parts which he called the id, the ego, and the super-ego. Freud fled Austria in 1938 to escape the Nazis and died in England the following year. His ideas have permeated contemporary Western thought..


Distributor Profile: Andreas Doppelmayr, of Oslo, Norway

From our continuing series on the Distributors and Shops where Beardsley products are found worldwide. Bill Alley is our moderator. Andreas Doppelmayr of, is our expert and distributor of Beardsley and Company’s line of Beard Care products in Norway.

Your Whiskers As Filters: Warding Off Allergies and Wee Beasties

by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Producer and Beard Advocate

What could be more beneficial than having your manliness adorned proudly on your face and get added health benefits, with proof existing in the 19th Century annals of British Medicine?

Let’s begin with the conditions best suited for bearded men to take full benefit of health, then we can get into specifics.










In order for the positive effects of allergy reduction, pollutants and other irritants entering through the mouth and nose, the two reports being revealed admit that—although there has been skepticism for many decades—full bearded men do acquire optimum relief simply because a full and thicker moustache and longer beard filter out particles as one inhales and exhales. The less dense the whiskers in these areas, the less trapped particles there will be, thus lessening filtration. Also, cleaner whiskers are better able to handle foreign airborne matter than facial hair needing a wash.

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