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Could You Compete?

by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Wordsmith and Beard Advocate

Since the announcement of the World Beard & Moustache Competitions coming to Texas, David Helms and I have been taking time with whiskered men we meet out and about. We’re always willing to let a bearded gent tell his story and connect him to resources for whatever is needed or desired—from advice here at the Gazette to the nearest club where whiskers abound, ready to welcome another beard brother.













Resource is an excellent tool in the arsenal. On those days where questions would nag about your appearance and a ‘need to change things’, every tip helps you along your intended whiskered goal. For those who ever considered competing, this advice is groundwork for the mental and emotional preparation toward making your mark on a big stage.

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Taylor Weldon, VP Media & PR: Austin Facial Hair Club

by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Wordsmith and Beard Advocate

Getting to know Taylor is like opening up a box that arrives with great anticipation. It’s that order you’ve been waiting for with contents you can’t wait to enjoy. Here’s a guy who has the responsibility to get the word out about one of the most well-known and observed Beard societies on the planet. He’s got the duty of getting the word out so that Austin experiences an end of summer feast of facial hair over Labor Day weekend. He’s given Texans good reason to stay close to home for an event like no other.  Then, after the beard talk, we get down to business. Here is where Taylor is well known in an industrial universe of design and concept.

Industrial art and concept is a big fascination, and the need to speak with Taylor came together perfectly over an art rendering of the streamlined concept of the every day sneaker. I’ve been given a promise that if the concept is ever in an art exhibition he’ll send word where to see it. If the prototype becomes reality, there may be a pair of the most eye-fetching footwear I’ve ever seen landing on the doorstep someday.

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The Purposes of Jewish Beards

Sixth in a year-long series devoted to the ethnicity and culture of the Beard. by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Wordsmith and Beard Advocate

If any culture had a reason to uphold bearded tradition, the Jewish culture has a mandate. It’s one where faith and practice builds in very specific commands which appear in Biblical texts sporadically. Just how many Beard reference can a person find in Scripture? Depending on the Bible version, there are between 16 and 22 references, each revealing an important instruction for the ancients to follow in representing faith edits, practices done when facing skin diseases, acts outwardly showing mourning, and the shameful moments when derision, conflict and persecution brought about great embarrassment.

Like many cultures of old, the Beard’s hierarchy thrives on respect, honor, wisdom; in Israel’s existence the whisker is a thread with holy origin as God, the faithful of His teachers and dedicated men of the center of Jewish life—the Temple—were the primary men seen throughout society engaged in critical lessons which enforced the ways a man was to appear, adorn and gage each situation so as to be in a favorable way with his Creator. The result: laws were established by Adonai (God) to help men determine grooming, style, and practices where facial hair flourished—and when it was proper or commanded that removal of the hair and beard was appropriate. Taking firm hold in the Book of Leviticus and traversing through other parts of the Old Testament, a Jew who lived out his faith could not arbitrarily cut, mar or design his whiskers except in cases of mourning (as an outward sign showing grief), disease (to determine the cause and extent of plagues such as leprosy), or defamation (when enemies would overtake and shave a man’s facial hair against his will, often as an outward sign of power over him).

Specifics given in the Bible have been the guiding decision for centuries. Accounts of ancient armies scorned in battle would have returning troops injured with a great harm—their beards shaven on half their face.

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