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Podcast: Nils of Norway


Frank Zappa

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”

Instigator of the concept rock band The Mothers of Invention, Frank Zappa frolicked though the late 60s music scene as its zany court jester, spawning over sixty albums including Freak Out, Lumpy Gravy, and We’re Only In It for the Money, and even a movie—200 Motels. Zappa’s work extended well into the following decades, with his 1982 hit Valley Girl, recorded by his daughter, Moon Zappa.

Zappa’s signature goatee and moustache (perhaps an homage to Groucho Marx) was complimented by an avalanche of long black curls framing his slender face.

But Zappa had more serious side. His 1988 release of Lumpy Gravy—a blend of orchestral and electronic music—rivals the work of the avant-garde composer John Cage.

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Is A Gray Or White Beard Right For You?






The photos you see are my own. The selfie that was face first before the world was taken with sunglasses just after a series of eye surgeries in early 2013. That beard was greatly enhanced since 1987 by ‘beard in a bottle’ [aka Just For Men], put to use when I grew the beard as this product was my excuse-ending reason for any more shaving. The moustache—here for over 46 years now—is virgin territory. The white-whiskered shot was taken September 2018 for the radio station. The primary, if not only, reason it went natural was thanks to that Branson MO trip two summers ago with the Santas. When you have hundreds of them encourage with cheer and insight, so darn can you say ‘no’ to Saint Nick? Thanks to their brotherly ways the beard stays consistently longer.

My situation these days brightens the faces of kids, wondering if Santa is watching them; a wink, smile and a whispered ‘Ho Ho Ho’ awes them. Aged beards lavish consistent thought and comment from many admirers with the words ‘distinguished’, ‘handsome’ and ‘desirable’.

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Beardsley At 25: Year In Review

by Bill Alley, Broadcasmith and Beard Advocate

First, a hearty THANK YOU to all who have discovered and enjoy the great line of Beard care products at Beardsley And Company. From my first encounter in 2004 with four bottles of aromatic shampoos and a good conditioner to today, the fare, form and fashion here drives quality and innovation with a tenacity for excellence, but never forgets the spirit of its brand.

The rendered beards on the bottles are all important figures of history. Being an historian, that warms my soul. This year’s honor roll of the whiskered men of renown make the bold statement that the Bearded are prominent fixtures on History’s timeline. Having a hand in developing the words and persuasive olfactory which lent expertise to break-out products and formulations, this beard advocate truly enjoys the opportunity to give John Odam, proprietor and creator of Beardsley, the thrust needed to keep this brand attractive in the present and foremost for the future.

It’s been a great year as Beardsley introduced new beard shampoo scents while product distribution continued worldwide expansion. The beard wipe, a superb answer to the moist towelette and its ‘bitter furniture polish’ flavor, gives a great pairing opportunity to connect Beardsley’s on-the-go handiness to the table.

An Introduction: Nils K. Fugelsnes, Norway

by Bill Alley, Broadcasmith and
Beard Advocate


I realized that something admirable could co-exist with something detestable. being 100% dedicated to Beards and 100% against snow. Thanks to Nils—a ruggedly handsome, keen gentleman, his whiskers and warm personality lent rugged beauty against the whitened chill.  Recently we discovered that Norway is #3 of over 20 nations that tune in to our podcast. Give a listen and allow time to check out his excellent photo gallery!