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Emancipation of

the Beard


Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States, served from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865. Lincoln became leader of the newly-founded Republican Party and led the United States through its bloody Civil War—its greatest moral and political crisis. In doing so, he preserved the Union and abolished slavery. He is widely regarded by historians and by the public as one of the greatest US presidents.



The Vikings: The Lore and Legend of Scandinavia

This is the first in a year-long series devoted to the ethnicity and culture of the Beard. Through this series the Beardsley Gazette will feature Beards from the 12 global regions that have defined manhood, and include a feature podcast produced for Radio Beardsley that mirrors each month's highlighted culture. Starting the series for January is the the Viking Beard.

by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Producer & Beard Advocate

While many admire the strength, virility and folklore the Viking motif carries, there are a lot of misnomers attached to the Beards of the Norse, most dominant of the five nations (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden) which comprise Scandinavia. Much of the lore and legend begins with their beliefs, which prior to the year 1000 were placed in mysticism and pantheism.

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Audio Podcast: James Tromblay, The Mad Viking Beard Club

Safe Trimming

by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Producer & Beard Advocate

Nothing could be more embarrassing than finding your handsome beard dis-figured. Facial hair embodies your unique visage, and when the time arrives to apply main-tenance for a formal affair, removal of rogue hair and split ends, or a “new look,” careful planning with deliberate understanding of how your hair grows will allow you to admire your outcome.

The first two rules of trimming are:

1. Always cut less than you intend. It's much easier to

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Having a Beard That’s Not a Total Mess

by Jennifer Barger, The Washingtonian

Last winter, House speaker Paul Ryan showed up at work sporting a short set of whiskers he dubbed “a hunting beard.” It made him one of the first big-name Washington pols to wear a beard in more than a century. The last US President to rock a full beard was Benjamin Harrison (1889–93), though William Howard Taft had a Captain Crunch–like handlebar mustache in the early 20th century.

Ryan shaved soon after. But elsewhere around Washington, guys seem to be growing beards with more frequency—and more variety—than anytime since the Gilded Age. And not just scenesters hanging out at DC Brau.

“There’s a huge demographic of thirty- and fortysomethings wearing beards, but they work in places like law offices and the government,” says Melanie St. Clair, co-owner of Arlington’s new Hendricks Barbershop. “The new wave of facial hair ties into the old-school way men are presenting themselves. They wear bow ties, they dress up, and beards seem to complement that.”

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PHOTO: DAVID CHESKIN/PA WIRE Members of the Detroit Chapter of the Mad Viking Beard Club with James Tromblay seated far right.