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What’s Trending in 2018

by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Wordsmith and Beard Advocate

We here is absolutely no shortage of opinions for styles and trends for the bearded man. The Beard Revolution has entered its 13th year of growing popularity and shows no retreat.

Why haven’t men taken to the days where shaving was routine? Each one that gave their morning stubble the chance at full maturity dared themselves to explore their own complete self. After all, whiskers are a fact of life for 99% of the male species, and as we have discovered, daring females who can grow decent facial hair have let nature take its course and develop a bold, individual presentation that isn’t for many, but for some, they say it is utterly liberating.

Here’s what some of the talk is regarding trends in 2018.


Hairdrome got my attention first this go-round, as they tout whiskers with length and style.

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Graham Bell

“Mr Watson—come here—I want to see you.” With these words, spoken in 1876 by the quintessential innovator, Alexander Graham Bell, to his laboratory assistant in an adjoining room, the telephone was born.

Perhaps no other invention has had more impact on society than the telephone.

Its Scottish-born creator began his long career as an inventor at the age of 12 with a device for processing wheat at his family’s flour mill in Edinburgh. Later, as a young  immigrant to Canada, Bell became fascinated with mechanical speech devices. In 1872 Bell founded a school for the deaf in Boston, and with funding from the wealthy father on one of his pupils, he established a laboratory to research the transmission of sound waves—known as “acoustic telegraphy.”

A patent granted in 1876  led to the Bell Telephone Company which still exists as a division of AT&T.

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Beardsley at 25:
Niche Marketing a Whiskered Revolution

by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Wordsmith and Beard Advocate

Beardsley And Company is the Originator of mens’ beard care products —with creative formulations that appeal to the senses while providing superior results to whiskers and hair. The blueprint that started it all was original, emerging from a rather vexing, common problem.

1993: John Odam had reached the point where facial hair was once again desirable. He had a goatee through his college years as an art design major in London, but wedding bells beckoned him and with his American bride, the whiskers were history. Settling in California, his graphic design endeavor began to flourish. The need to restore a beard entered the picture once again. In the early stages of growth, irritation turned to aggravation. John was determined to get past the itch, seeking help through endless purveyors of shampoos, lotions and salves. Nothing worked. In the midst of the dilemma John discovered a marketing niche. Why not start a company that caters to beards, especially since it was a wide open opportunity? Enter Beardsley and Company (After Aubrey Beardsley, the Edwardian illustrator noted for his erotic prints). Newly incorporated and immediately at work with dermatologists and herbalists to formulate its first product.

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