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Champions of the Beard: January’s Start of a Year Long Series

by Bill Alley, Broadcasmith and Beard Advocate

We at Beardsley came to a realization of late: we thrive on themes. From the shampoos featuring renderings of famous beards of history to year-long showcasing aspects of bearding we keep our mission alive while discovering amazing people, events and their whiskered journeys. As 2018 was closing, new opportunities were springing up that are taking the Beardsley brand and presence to places we didn’t see coming; fans of the products who have opened doors to serve our bearded brothers right where they work, play and serve. At the heart of it all the Beardsley Gazette has been the printed word of record and our persuasive footprint in the Beard movement.

In the two-plus years the Gazette has shared experiences, photography and research we have become a trusted ‘heavyweight’ in the beard’s phenomenal rise and strong staying power. The bearded around us—though a common thing wherever one travels—each have their reasons for remaining hirsute, happy and harmonious to the environs they occupy and own.

Brian Gionta

“… he was never one to bask in the limelight, congratulate himself or take things for granted. Instead, he was quick to congratulate his teammates, bestow success upon them and speak from the heart.”—Jeff Seide, The Hockey Writers.

Captain of the United States hockey team for the Winter Olympics in 2018,





Podcast: Bearded Champions Variety Segment

This month we the stage for Beardsley’s Bearded Champions with a bit of variety! There’s a great line-up some of the best whiskered, whimsical and WOW-factor facial frocks that make the cut as this month’s Beard Champions. Check out the main link in SoundCloud and take a look and listen to the additional links mentioned in this month’s podcast.

Rocking the Whiskers Within


Got Some Rocking Whiskers of Your Own?

by Bill Alley, Broadcasmith and Beard Advocate

Show us yours and we’ll share them with the world! Beards, Goatees, Moustaches; your style rates with us and your best photo just might become a part of our wall of 2019 Bearded Champions.

Send entries to . All entries consideration must be received by the 20th day of the month. One entry per person per month permitted.

We will highlight the winning monthly entries in the following month’s Gazette and archives. No purchase necessary to enter.


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