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Keeping Your  Beard Cool When It Gets Hot

by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Wordsmith and Beard Advocate

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere has been making some early appearances in 2017. Often when the thermometer wants to reach the heights before the actual calendar start of sizzling days, it’s got some of us thinking what we should do, or not do, to the whiskers. From previous writings of my own and others, we know the Beard has key, even life-saving, advantages. Body hair in general is a filter against harmful ultraviolet rays and has been proven to help deter skin cancers. Natural sweat is the cooling mechanism the body uses to hydrate at the moment.












Beyond what your body provides, it's what you provide your body that can make the difference between keeping ‘beard cool’ or going for drastic measures. Clues from what the body supplies are the easiest to maintain: hydration requires hydrating, a.k.a. Water.

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September in Texas, Y’all: World Beard and Moustache Competitions

by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Wordsmith and Beard Advocate

It’s akin to the Olympics. An event that got its roots back in 1990 when the first International gathering of Bearded men met in Germany to hold a facial hair contest. A humble start that evolved into the organization recognized internationally as the authority on beard competing. The WBMA (World Beard & Moustache Association) is the grand authority sanctioning the World Beard & Moustache Competitions since 2004. They are the go-to site for clubs to become members and for clubs to host events.

September 1st, 2007: The first official WBMA Competition launches in Brighton, UK, to a solid showing of contestants and good interest.

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Montage: Significant beards in Russian history—Rasputin, Rurik, Lenin, Nicholas II

From Russia, With Borodá: Russian Beard (борода) Power and Politics

Fifth in a year-long series devoted to the ethnicity and culture of the Beard. by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Wordsmith and Beard Advocate

Consider for a moment the larger than life attributes of Russia. It is the largest nation in Asia, easily occupying a third of the continent’s entire North regions. As a nation, it has been ruled by kingdoms, overtaken at times by marauders, overtaken itself from a monarchy to a Soviet dictatorship, and emerged somewhat free market, somewhat black market, somewhat cartel.

By sheer size, Russia doesn’t do ‘small’. When it comes to facial hair, it is often donned with impressive shape, girth, density and detail. To explain it all in condensed form the best method is revealed in the regions and peoples that comprise the landscape.

Early accounts make a 9th century Varangian chieftain of Slavic influences who migrated with other Northern and Northwestern Europeans (as far as the present-day British Isles) to form the premier cities of Novgorod and Kiev, both brought under Rus authority by Rurik.

Rurik established rule from Kiev with his Rus Dynasty lasting eight centuries. In its era the Grand Duchy of Moscow and the Tsars were intertwined in the dynastic order until Vasily IV, who was believed to be the last Rusikid to rule. His death was noted in 1612.

With Tsars already established, the kingdom grew far beyond Kiev’s reach, expanding by late 18th century from Poland on the west to the Pacific Ocean well east—approximately the size and shape of modern day Russia. In the late 17th century it was Peter The Great which forcibly transformed, under much objection by many of the societies which made up the empire, those who were officials to shave and adapt to western lifestyles, including dress.

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Behind The Scenes at Austin with Quinton Crocker

Beard Street Down Under with Gregor Shepherd and Rob Mason