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Galileo Galilei

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”

If ever a man was ahead of his time, it was Galileo. The son of a musician, born in Florence in 1564, Galileo Galilei aspired to be a doctor, and when studying medicine he acquired a flair for mathematics and physics.

In the 17th Century, religious and scientific teachings held that the Earth was the fixed center of the universe around which all the planets and stars revolved. But a theory, developed by Niklaus Copernicus, placed the Sun at the hub of the universe. In 1607, when Galileo constructed the first astronomical telescope, and made careful observations, he was now convinced that Copernicus was correct in that the Earth indeed revolved around the Sun.

Like most gentlemen of his era he cultivated an elegantly mustachioed beard, and his innovative experiments earned him wide recognition. But Galileo’s radical thinking aroused the wrath of the Church authorities, and under threat of torture he was forced to recant. Centuries later, in 1939, the Pope admitted that Galileo was right after all.

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Whose Beard Is it Anyway?

by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Wordsmith and Beard Advocate

Time to stop with the irks and do for your beard what works. Yes, another slogan: it’s about time this Beard Advocate sets the record straight on the all too typical questions that get asked (or worse, assumed) by so-called experts on mens health, style, looks and beard.

Target one: the magazine Mens Health. It appears in my mailbox, even though I never ask for it. It’s addressed to some guy named Kenny Morgan, who to my knowledge never lived here previously. But I do know the mag trick: stick a name and an address together and voila!: instant subscription (free of course) which gins up their viewership. How do I know this? Worked for the Chilmark, Massachusetts post office where Mary Jo Kopechne (the woman who drowned in Ted Kennedy’s car at Chappaquiddick) still gets dozens of magazines she could never order posthumously.

Target one’s problem: though the magazine often has about a 50/50 ratio of bearded men to shaven, and in the latest article (The Girl Next Door—To Beard Or Not To Beard) they give a thumb’s up to whiskers over stubble, one must remember this is a writer—a woman no less (Naomi Piercey), and although she is favorable to beards past stubble length she is not a beard expert.

Too many of us who are easily swayed get into the ‘change things up’ mood swing.

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Podcast: Garrett the Bearded Bartender from Barrow Brewing Co.

Beards of Baseball 2018: An Interview with Todd Van Steensel of the Chattanooga Lookouts / Minnesota Twins
by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Wordsmith and Beard Advocate


BA: Todd, when it comes to sport in the United States I’m often fascinated when sportsmen come to the US to add their talent to professional teams. What attracted you to the sport of Baseball while in Sydney?

TVS: I firstly had no idea what baseball was until I was about seven years old. Mum and dad wanted my brother to try a summer sport and one of his friends from soccer convinced him to play baseball. I went along to a practise, saw how cool the uniforms were and the rest is history.

BA: I love Australia, mates there, and the food! Finally got a few weeks there back in 2012 and would have been a permanent transplant. Miss it terribly. So you being here playing baseball here must be a passion. What fuels that passion?

TVS: I think the passions stems from the amount of work I put in, and the amount of time and work my family have put in to this for me.

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