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Larry Ellison

“The most important aspect of my personality as far as determining my success goes; has been my questioning conventional wisdom, doubting experts and questioning authority. While that can be painful in your relationships with your parents and teachers, it’s enormously useful in life.”

Sporting a neatly trimmed goatee, Larry Ellison is the seventh most wealthy person in the world. His fortune is due to the indispensability of a type of computer software—the relational database—which underpins almost every digital operation from spreadsheets to hotel reservations to social media and on-line videos.

The son of an unwed mother, Larry was raised in a Jewish family in New York. In 1966, at the age of 22, he studied computer science at the University of Chicago. Although he did not invent the relational database, Ellison was the first to foresee its enormous market potential, and in 1979 he founded Oracle to put academic theory into practice.

Often faulted for his aggressive business strategies in the 1990s, Ellison today has softened his image with numerous philanthropic endeavors including medical research and wildlife preservation.

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Nurturing Beard-Positive Parenting

by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Wordsmith and Beard Advocate

Often when we talk about raising young men, the natural male mind says ‘prepare for anything’...’be a good provider’...’stay focused and strong’. All the traditional male roles require man-to-man, father-to-son time for the kind of bonding male children need to understand where they’re headed once puberty hits and the race is on to adulthood.

Beard Advocacy hits square on a two-step realization of the Dad image we see emerging into the image we the ‘kids’ possess in our own adulthood. It’s true of all man-children, and especially tricky if your man-child sees a father one way and himself another. No truer confusion and frustration can set in earlier, or faster, than kids without whiskered fathers.

There’s one image example of my sister running into her first dark-skinned male at the old First National grocery store in Groton, Connecticut in 1962 that makes my point. I was four, she was a year younger. When we turned to the aisle where the African-American man was standing at a distance, Leslie pointed and the words resonated way beyond the cart: “Mommy, look at the Chocolate Man!” Ma was freaked! She hushed my sister, put her head down and got as far from that man and the aisle as possible. However, the innocent voice of childhood spoke an irretrievable moment of audio we’ve never forgotten.

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Podcast: David Helms of 2 Beards

In Your Dreams: Whiskers Liberate the Inner Man
by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Wordsmith and Beard Advocate

When a desire is born, it comes from a wish. When a desire is complete, it comes from a plan. Plans come from dreams and visions.

Facial hair is a lot like family planning. If you’ve desired it, even for a trial period, it’s because man is built specifically for such an occurrence. The transition from the more ‘youthful’ to the fully whiskered mature male appearance can be shocking, especially for spouses, kids and other close family and friends. That is why going Beard can be traumatic for some men, and why I advocate men catch a vision of what your real manly visage is by breaking with convention.

Growing your beard will need consideration for those watching the transition in order to make this a positive, needful confirmation that you indeed are a man, and as such are blessed with male traits which deserve recognition—no matter what the opinion. Keeping your whiskers will also be equally challenging as instances will arise which will suggest (or demand) compromise (actually it’s conformity) and you will need to stay alert to facts as you stand your ground.

Here’s a great 3-part guide for you to follow and stick with.

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