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How To Achieve Your Best Whiskered Look

by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Producer and Beard Advocate














This article appears from time to time in different forms under different titles because at some point some of us will make the mistake of 'starting from scratch'. As one whose whiskers have enjoyed nearly 30 years of fullness and comfort to my face, it always seems a pity to see a guy get decent growth one day only to find the scraped face of the past emerge the next.

Some of those rash decisions come from not achieving satisfaction. It might be driven by impatience, over things like patches that don't grow in so well. There's a solution for that. It could be the conflict a spouse, attraction, family or job foists at you because they are not comfortable with your appearance change, and conformity will restore harmony—but at a price—one you pay against your DNA.

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The Many Beards of Arabia and Persia

Third in a year-long series devoted to the ethnicity and culture of the Beard.

by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Producer and Beard Advocate

Whenever considering the Middle East, there are certainties—even with facial hair.  Rule One is a man living in this part of the world, or being from this region, more than likely has a deep religious lineage. Whether Coptic Christian, Muslim or Jewish, or of any other faith persuasion, there are ancient realities about whiskers found in holy books like the Bible, Qu’ran, and other companion texts.

With our focus being Arabic in this part of our series, we will get to understand more about how faith plays a large role in facial hair, and it is not always consistent within the masses.

Islam contains conditions for how whiskers should be worn, kept and grown.  Some of that reality is based on teaching in the Qu’ran stating what is permissible.  As one main example, the prophet Muhammed made clarification in one specific set of personal hygiene duties:  "Whoever does not remove any of his moustache is not one of us", and by further clarifying the dictate permitted a short whiskered above the lip effect. Yet, the Muslim world has plenty of evidence from history and today of whole nations (and their sects) wearing nothing but robust moustaches.  Generally speaking, the Beard is acceptable as a holy, manly adornment with the only restriction being such facial hair is to be kept neat and clean.

What is clear?  Each sect has determined specific edicts on hygiene, conduct, and appearance which establishes its region of influence, and upon reading everything from the Qu’ran to clerics writing on the specifics of the sects they represent, it is akin to the levels of difference and division found in many faiths.

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From Clubs to Catwalk, Beards keep Growing

by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Producer and Beard Advocate

Beard Advocacy is a bit sleuth and part watchman; instincts kick in whenever someone attempts to “trend bend” our whiskered nature by making up a story to fit an alternate agenda. Our agenda is always to Promote, Protect and Preserve the bearded nature of mankind. Beardsley products have been around since the early 1990s when trends in facial hair were absent in dialogue and scarce in society. Today, in nearly a quarter century, facial hair is a dominant mainstay in practically all circles of society.

Since 2005 men have been prone to attempt and keep their facial hair in growing numbers, and no matter how much certain people and groups protest, their narrative is in “shear” free-fall. Very recently a Pinterest pin emerged to once more convince that whiskers weren’t as popular anymore. Manufacturing industry statistics from counters with a byline, Razor burn: Facial hair trends have weakened revenue growth1 and a 5 year trend showing sales were down—not dramatically, but notably.

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Kai Cofer: Working the Long Beard in Hollywood


Interview: Nasir Alnasir, Beard Model from the Middle East

by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Producer & Beard Advocate

BA: How the world has changed; Beard Modeling was only an idea 10 years ago. What kind of reactions and thoughts do you get from people when you tell them your profession?

NA: Oh Yes, wherever I go and travel, I see many guys wearing beards now. It was more for older men, but now all ages are doing it. People have never heard of Beard Modeling, they really get surprised when I tell them I am a beard model.

BA: As a Beard Model, do you find yourself on the cutting edge of modeling, or is there more development of the Beard Modeling concept that needs acceptance?

NA: Well, I have done a lot of commercials acting and modeling, but most of it was with a light beard or clean shaved. I consider myself new to Beard Modeling since this is my first year to have a thick beard and I am still learning about how to take care of a thick beard like mine and what to do before shooting,

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Philosophy of the Beard


Socrates, who lived in Greece, was probably the most influential thinker of his age, and is widely considered to be one of the founders of Western philosophy. His teachings were designed to bring the student to discover truth by a process of  dialog and rigorous questioning with the teacher. After taking an unpopular political stand, Socrates bravely endured death by poisoning at the hand of the Athenian authorities in 399 BC.