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Louis Pasteur

Every time you open a carton of milk, chances are that Louis Pasteur will be  printed on the box, embodied in the word “pasteurized.” Before Pasteur’s breakthrough method for processing milk, sickness and deaths from milk-borne germs was widespread.

Born in 1822, a native of Dole, France, Louis was a not a particularly good student—in fact he failed his first examination in mathematics and received only mediocre grades in chemistry. But he persevered. By 1852 he had risen to be Dean of the faculty of sciences at Lille University where he began research into fermentation.

It was while studying fermentation he discovered that heating milk, wine, and beer to 100° C dramatically reduced spoilage. But that is far from all he achieved. He went on to invent treatments for diseases in livestock, including anthrax and chicken cholera, by fortifying the immune system of the animals with weak doses of the pathogens, and, finally a vaccine for rabies.

Louis Pasteur is remembered for his scientific contributions and for his handsome, neatly-trimmed beard.

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Know Texture, and You’ll Know Your Beard Style

by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Wordsmith and Beard Advocate

I’ve had these whiskers over 30 years now (and the Moustache is virgin territory of 44 years). Having some great bearded role models like the dapper Sebastian Cabot and the daring high schoolers and college crowd making their mark on campus with full and even bushy beards, I knew that was my style, persona...and reality. When your trumpet teacher and neighbor ends up being this relaxed, confident, natural talent with a fine full beard to match, it was all the convincing needed to be my own manly version—the one who let his DNA free to expose the real person in growth.

Some of us have the blessing of perfect hair, and for the beard, it means thick density, no bald spots, and whiskers that naturally form from the face and neck. Others like myself had to let time take care of the imperfections, and by age 27 the Beard had enough coverage to give it exposure. Waiting for the right time helped me to fuss less. Then I learned about hair texture, the knowledge of which every man can discover to create the perfect, easy, enjoyable beard.

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The Quarter Century Chat and What’s New

Beardsley Beard Balm Is Gaining Testimonials
by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Wordsmith and Beard Advocate

Being involved in the world of Beardsley has some awesome advantages. As a writer, one gets very personal from every angle of what products become because of a great collaborative gathering of minds. John Odam’s idea to service facial hair with a line of shampoos, conditioners and other styling and grooming fare has kept this business in a pioneering spirit going 25 years. When ideas become suggestions, and they ‘lift off’ the plan to become new product, the research, formulating, testing and marketing contains an electric edge—that sense of launching new methods and ideas, or working what others do which Beardsley can improve upon.

Beardsley and Company wasn’t the first to invent Beard Balm, but apparently by early indications and some great comments from new users, we have innovated a product that is getting some very positive praise.

This Balm accomplishes great results for whiskers needing a lift. This amazing product truly accomplishes the task by its very formulation: the crème-based form is gaining preference with a grease-free texture. We believe it to be the most effective method in preparation for the whiskers to get Beardsley’s ‘drenching effect’ that gives facial hair renewed moisture, flexibility and styling capability. Though we aren’t the first to create a crème-based balm, the Beardsley essence gives it distinction.

In two short months letters and comments have been finding their way to rave reviews. A great accomplishment for us is the enthusiasm of men who share their beard care stories. Facial hair is a great and glorious beast; it can out-rival by its very nature one’s own head hair for natural strength and stand-out individuality—but with that thrust the whisker can be a challenge to maintain, or tame, or hydrate.

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