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Beards In Sync With Your Wardrobe


As men we have basically three ways to present ourselves. Some of us have a purpose to that presentation because they want to keep a good appearance and are comfortable being well dressed.

A wider majority of guys have a two-act play each day; first, an acceptable attire for work, followed by dressing down for relaxation, sport or family and friends. The last category concerns the fellow with no rules, flex schedules, and lots of autonomy.

In many years of researching beard topics on dress and style, the easiest path to suggestions and impressive presentations takes me first to Pinterest. For this article you’ll find links to awesome views that will fit what you aim to fashion.

Facial hair often takes refined shape when better grooming becomes a style preference. For gents with the Type A ‘know what they want and seize the opportunity’ stance, there are volumes of photos, writings and blogs to utilize.  Refined attitude has a trusty companion in a placed called Next Luxury which suggests attainable refinements in attitude, appearance, travel, sport and comfort. This website is refreshingly beard-positive and I spent over an hour checking out their fare for that reason.

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Balm at the Beach, and Other Free Associations

by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Wordsmith and Beard Advocate


Beards in the 21st century have a growing love affair, one that is showing no signs of slowing. The diversity of the natural whisker set free to develop and design catches the onlooker and the camera lens. Barber/stylists have a strong growth segment for the whiskered male which has unleashed the widest array of flexibility possible in grooming. All that is out there for whisker perfection and what is found here at Beardsley for care and advice empowers men to perform great self-maintenance with superior products.

From designs for scalp and facial hair to baubles at Christmas to pairing your whiskers to a particular look, so many craftsmen are adding to the beard trade with ‘aftermarket’ merchandise, clothing and memorabilia. For a little fun, let’s get creative and pair something Beardsley with a companion item.

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Podcast: May Audio Magazine

Britt Merrick

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