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Vincent van Gogh

“For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.”

The quiet and thoughtful son of a well-off Dutch family, Vincent van Gogh took up painting in 1881 at the age of 28 after working as an art dealer, and later a missionary. When he moved to Paris in 1886 he was befriended by Paul Gauguin.

Although he was a prolific painter, Vincent was unsuccessful in his lifetime, and relied on the financial support of his younger brother, Theo.

Among the Post Impressionists van Gogh’s style was unique: a torrent of bold rhythmic strokes rained down on his canvases—quite unlike the subtle blending of tones found in the works of his contemporaries. He often used humble farm laborers as subjects, and his early works were dominated by landscapes and portraits rendered in muted tones. Over time his palette became move vivid and his approach more abstract. His 1889 “The Starry Night”—considered one the most iconic works in Western art—is valued at over $100,000,000.

Haunted by depression, Vincent van Gogh took his own life in 1890.

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Beard Care, Simplified


Men get that they need to care about their facial hair. The proof? Check out the grooming area of any household with a whiskered man and a lady who cares about her appearance. More women are telling me their boyfriends and husbands are crowding out what used to be the feminine domain known as the ‘her drawers and cabinets’ in the bathroom. Men who typically left the better manners of grooming to barbers are now taking time and precious storage space for themselves. That responsibility has led men to figure out how best to care for their beards and hair in general.

Let’s simplify the regimen a bit with a good piece of advice. Each man has unique ability to grow whiskers. Every person can tune into the sense of knowing when washing, styling, trimming and ‘easing back’ to grow out facial hair. These two things will naturally settle you into the right routine so you don’t overdo and over-think.

Wash and condition whiskers when they feel excessively gritty, oily or dry. Otherwise use beard oils and conditioners as needed and remember to give the beard a good brushing at least once daily to allow natural skin oils the chance to do their job in keeping those whiskers strong and healthy. Massage of skin and hair is also good.

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Veteran Values: From Combat to Community

by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Wordsmith and Beard Advocate


The men and women who choose to grow by service where needed most—in protecting and defending nation and citizenry—produce a valued work ethic and commitment which translates knowledge to honed skills, difficulties into creative solutions, and fear into valor. The Beard Community reveres the month of November for our ‘Movember’ charitable fundraisers and military members, active and veteran.

I’ve covered a slew of events from my Central Texas perch which demonstrate the fortitude, strength and will that showcase our military and their life-cycle changes to civilian ways, having the privilege of telling the world about ground-breaking movements like FARM (Farmers Assisting Returning Military) which shifts their boots on the ground from combat to the tending of crops and soil for produce, profit and ‘dirt therapy’.

This month we proudly shine a spotlight on a site designed for Special Forces military to gather as bearded brothers. These ‘Operator Beards’ are the pinnacle of tactical on-site investigators and collaborators in an elite class of soldiers who are a front line of defense in war and in reporting. They see conditions of people, understand threats to them and to our home countries from insurgent attackers and there whereabouts.

These beards are the envy of many who serve and the desire which helps our fighting men transition from the shaving regimen to the freedom of growing their whiskers without restriction.

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Podcast: Mike Pearce, Veteran on a Loose Leash