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How to Manage Ingrown Whiskers

by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Wordsmith and Beard Advocate

There comes a point where a guy experiences an annoying pimple or redness. It typically shows up on his face, making the irritant more aggravating. Why are some blemishes especially difficult to handle? Of them all, top of the list for most irritating is the ingrown whisker. The complication is deeper-rooted; a thicker strand growing that has difficulty getting through the epidermis often results in deeper irritation or infection. Three items are the overwhelming contributors.

Shaving continually forces whiskers below the skin surface, especially since razor companies figured out how to aim their sights on creating ‘baby smooth’ results. If you have suffered with ingrown hair on the face, thank your razor and shave cream for the result. To get rid of the problem, stop shaving. This allows hair to grow naturally, and often a great set of whiskers becomes your manly reward.

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Bearding for Youth, Ladies—Even Dogs!

by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Wordsmith and Beard Advocate

The World Beard & Moustache Competitions this round (our first) was a bit overwhelming. While many were concentrating on placing in categories, 28 of them (a first), we were led to finding individuals that stood out from the crowd. Our standard wasn’t very strict; we were looking for folks who had a story to tell. We had the pleasure of meeting a couple from Fort Washington, Maryland who got their specialty beard colorant balm introduced at the event; he had a tightly curled and incredibly manly beard with a splendid outgoing personality, and his wife could not have been a better presenter.

Haberdashers were there with clothing lines that perfectly complimented whiskered men. New Beard Clubs were sprouting everywhere, each with a niche—whether it was ethnic, or designer of a beard themed product or brew, everyone there brought their best forward to the thousands of us on hand.

Families were everywhere at this event. Sons were excited about their dads, brothers and uncles getting involved and scrutinized, each hoping their family member had a shot at recognition.

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Anyone for Golf, Cricket, or Tennis?

Port One in a series celebrating the Whiskered Men of Sport
by Bill Alley, Broadcast Host, Wordsmith and Beard Advocate

For many of us, the thought of making a living doing what you love to play is a fantasy at best. For those who actually make it to where their sporting passion pays the bills, it is a defining moment. One can toss off the routine, become his own man...possibly. For the bearded, some sports are ‘easy come, easy grow’ as Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey have readily accepted facial hair as a team norm.

Individuals who play their passion don’t always have it so good. Let’s take for example up and coming bearded golfer Andrew “Beef” Johnston. “Beef” is from Britain, beloved by many fans for his talents on and off the golf course (he is a cook for the Arby’s chain in the UK) and has a set of distinctive, tightly curled, mutton-chop enhanced whiskers. In the world of golf, the stodgy has slowly melded into the sport-shirt and pressed dress slack motif. That’s a quantum leap from the past 70 years where nary a whisker was found, but the golf pundits recoil at his beard presence. Fans? They love him, and he has no plans of regressing his facial landscape. Golf Digest, however, came to Beef’s defense by saying “ignore the detractors...follow your heart”. We applaud writer Joel Beall’s wise words.

“Beef” Johnston is a fancier of Cricket, and this team sport has solid facial hair reputation. Some of the best beards of this decade have graced the faces of cricket teams from the British Isles to Arabia and India.

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