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Don’t Take Tips From Strangers—Know Your Whiskers, Know Who to Trust


Here is the number one rule when it comes to figuring out your face: It’s Your Face! You know it better than anyone. You deal with its care, tackle its tough issues like razor burn and uneven growth, and have to live with what you’ve got.

The family, friends and acquaintances may THINK they know your true visage – but do they? When you decide on a style or appearance, are they supportive or critical? When getting whiskers growing do they exhibit beard bias? Shocking: the people around you in the quest for completing manhood’s hairy facial goals are sadly STRANGERS, unless they have time and experience with their own beards (or adoration of their bearded sweethearts).

Think of your beard as attractively manly as a woman’s breasts would be treasured as finest in femininity. This truth is not an exaggeration; they are outward signs of the fully developed adult male or female. Flipping the script, would you offer critique or advice on the bosoms of women in your circle of influence? Only the most insecure among us would solicit advice or direction on the foremost outward identifier of our sexual assignments.

Here are the best resources for cementing sound and trusted advice for facial hair. The first and best person to consult is yourself.

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The Movember Primer:
Growing Whiskers, Raising Awareness

by Bill Alley, Media Director, Beardsley and Company


The Movember movement for Cancer awareness in men has undertaken fifteen strong years worldwide to highlight the plight faced by those of us stricken with testicular cancers and other reproductive-type cancers men suffer. Its origins as an identity trace back to a group of men from Melbourne, Victoria (Australia) who conceived the idea to grow moustaches for the 30 day November calendar period to raise funds and awareness encircling prostate cancer victims. But the idea was revealed from Australia’s ABC 7 Nightly News when they covered a 1999 event in neighboring Adelaide, South Australia, where it was reported that 80 men convened a gathering to grow moustaches for charity in the eleventh month, claiming to be the first ‘Movember Committee’. One of their initial fundraising goals was to promote the RSPCA —Australia’s version of the Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals—as a dual effort for the benevolence of man and domestic beast. Between the two groups word spread internationally about doing such a manly deed to help eradicate cancers and depression.

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