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Great News, Gents! The year 2019 is as bearded—if not more—than last year. The trends for growing, keeping and maintaining facial hair are stronger than ever, and statistically Google and Pinterest Analytics are producing short term and long term data confirming what we see and know.

Pinterest’s Mens Care area (manly trends) finds its #1 body care category as BEARDS, which is 4th overall in trends men find important. That little stat has been solidly placed the past four months of Beardsley involvement in Pinterest. Google Analytics has measured the whiskered trend in a longer span according to information gathered by many in the cosmetic industry, and from a trend angle by Huffington Post, which—alongside BuzzFeed—has been on a beard-loving mission the past five years. The trend mentions steady beard growth worldwide since 2011, and of late about 1 in 3 men in North America bearing whiskers. Looking at facial hair worldwide, the growth is greater than 50%. One female style trend follower in the article declared the Beard is a mainstay.

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The Beardsley Wipes Barbecue:
Something Obvious Was Missing

by Bill Alley, Media Director, Beardsley and Company


Beardsley held a live event August 17th at a private residence in La Jolla, California to showcase the company’s latest invention, the Beardsley Beard Wipe. An intimate gathering of bearded men and their ladies enjoyed a barbecue with some very saucy fare and a purpose which put the cleaning power of the Wipes to the test. With a perfect balance of yard foliage and greenery for mixed sun and shade, food fare sizzling and enticing the onlookers and a live bluegrass band to add the musical touch, the four hour gathering was relaxing and entertaining. Part of the necessary duties when dealing with such gooey, saucy foods is the occasional...or continual...wipe of the face. And that’s where things got strange.

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Podcast: Wipeout in California

David Price